What Is Emotional Intelligence?

By Your Query Staff

Published on July 8, 2021
Updated on June 10, 2022

Emotional Intelligence


In flourishing the absolute behavioral pattern, firstly, a person must comprehend what is emotional intelligence. Actually, we are, by the proven actualities, familiar with the fact that our behavior is an accumulated expression of emotions. Here, emotional intelligence determines your exact hold on your behavior. You know what; a person’s mental strength is an output of it. 

So, we can state that having a higher emotional intelligence increases the chance to have a greater attitude. In this article, we will ennoble your understanding of emotional intelligence. In the following lines, every inlaid detail on emotional intelligence will be part of our discussion. Let's jump to the next phase without spending additional words here.


What Is Emotional Intelligence?


Oftentimes, you may encounter some people who can keep cool in awkward moments. In fact, they can deal the adverse situation with grace. Do you know how it is so easy for them? It is because; those people usually annex a set of controlled emotions. You know what; this set is the emotional intelligence that we can refer to in a word.  


What Is Emotional Intelligence?

By the way, we can express this term more elaborately. In true meaning, emotional intelligence directs to the authority of a person in appraising, controlling, applying, and expressing his emotions. With this intelligence, they can handle their personal, social, and professional affairs. Besides, it turns on their inner power to build wisdom and use that wisdom successfully around them. If you are not aware of emotional intelligence, it may lead you to stress. Mastery over emotional intelligence will certainly increase your stress management capacity. 

Well, we greet experts who deliver opinions on it. You know what; some experts hold the opinion that a person can acquire and learn this intelligence willingly. Conversely, other researchers disagree with this theory saying emotional intelligence is a congenital attribute. But, all of them hold it as a supreme fact for leading a great life. 


Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Summary


Daniel Goleman is a renowned American Psychologist. In 2020, he published a book named 'Summary of Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.' Here, his emphasizes on emotional intelligence over IQ in developing behavioral pattern. Besides, he has classified our minds into two basic categories. Actually, he states that we own two states of mind where one thinks and the other feels. According to him, this is how our emotional intelligence usually flourishes. 

In popularizing emotional intelligence among people, Daniel Goleman has played an influential role. You know what; he has pointed out five major components which build the EQ within us. In that particular book, we observe that the entire discussion has come to introduce the readers to those five components. Besides, the readers amass the essence of his belief here.

Particularly, Daniel Goleman strongly believes that emotional intelligence is the ultimate fact in deciding your success in professional life. Plus, it decides how a person you are as a human being. Now, it is time to present the five components of emotional intelligence as a summary of Daniel Goleman’s theory. Let’s have a glimpse in the following lines. 


Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Summary



Firstly, the author initiates his book on the very particular element, which is self-awareness. Here, he has described that a person can be aware of his thoughts and emotion. Actually, it can happen to a person only when he or she has high emotional intelligence. Besides, that particular person is exceedingly cognizant about the impact of his behavior on others. 


According to Daniel Goleman, self-regulation is a very influential part of emotional intelligence. In his book, he says that an intelligent person will effectively superintend his sense and emotion while dealing with anything. Besides, he states that an intelligent person will have a hold on his action. Plus, that person will not act rashly, which can lead him to make mistakes. 


You know what; emotional intelligence contains self-motivation as an internal part. Daniel Goleman states that money or other tangible things cannot be a driven force for a person. According to him, a person should act with his passion and love. Besides, emotional intelligence will assist a person in working willingly. Thus, he will be an impeccable decision-maker and self-motivated worker. 


In his book, Daniel Goleman has presented that emotional intelligence will contain empathy. Therefore, a person will learn how to comprehend the emotion of other people. Besides, he will give importance to their emotions also. In this way, it will be moderately useful for the intelligent person to build strong bonding with his colleagues and social mates. 

Social Skill:

Lastly, emotional intelligence ennobles social skills within a person. Here, the person learns to build and utilize the relationship with a purpose. Usually, the intelligent person treats other people gently and reverently. In this way, his social skills assist him in maintaining healthy relationships with others. Later, when needs appear, he can utilize those relationships for personal or organizational benefits. The organized efforts of social skills are named as Social Intelligence.


Emotional Intelligence and Team Building


In achieving the organizational goal, emotional intelligence can present a magnificent role. Here, it assists in building the team strongly. Here, emotional attributes work as the glue to create bonding among all the team members. Besides, the co-operation with each other leads the team to sustain the aim and gain it. That is why; emotional intelligence and team-building contain a tactical link.

However, Daniel Goleman has elaborately discussed this issue. In this case, the entire person in the team should have a minimum level of emotional intelligence, which he has mentioned in his writing. Therefore, people should grasp what is emotional intelligence. Here, the team should have a ring leader. You know what; this particular leader will lead the team to success. 

Truly saying, a leader can resolve the conflict between the members within the team. Plus, charming leadership will motivate others to be passionate about achieving the target. In this way, the success rate of the team amass uprising tends. Next, we can point to the efficacy of the team. Therefore, understanding the strength and weaknesses of a team is really exigent. 


Emotional Intelligence and Team Building


However, emotional intelligence assists the team in identifying and superintend its strengths as well as weakness. In fact, no one can deny that knowing these things are highly crucial. If the team is aware of their strength and weakness, they can plan better. You know what; emotional intelligence ennobles the ability of the team members to assess this fact. 

On the other hand, the team should contain the right persons. Otherwise, the entire effort will go in vain. Here, the person should have a spark within him. Besides, he will be passionate and intelligent. In this case, Daniel Goleman has said that still, the persons do not ensure success. In fact, we need some other assistance from emotional intelligence. 

For this reason, emotional intelligence will assist in forming a format of team norms. Besides, it will assist the entire team to be susceptible to dealing with stress. Thus, heavy workload and extreme will not seem ruinous for the team member's motivation. Here, the organization may set several options to relieve the stress effectively. 

Moreover, the leader of the team should set a space for others to open their voice. You know what; the leaders with a high-level emotional intelligence will do it successfully. It is because; he knows that this voice-making scope will make the team more engaging. Besides, the leader should motivate and lead the team to work together pleasantly. 

Finally, we can state that emotional intelligence is the core player in building a dynamic team. Only for it, a team can be a goal achiever. Here, the leader of the team with the efficacy and passion of the members successfully. Thus, the overall facts bring great results for the organization. 


Emotional Intelligence Test


Oftentimes, people are keen to measure their emotional intelligence accurately. In this case, they should face emotional intelligence. Here, several psychologists have set tests for people to determine their EI precisely. In this case, the behavioral pattern is the root of the test. Truly, for taking the test, the experts force the people to respond to hypothetical facts. 

In this way, the response of the participants detects their intelligence. Here, the conventional approach of determining the EI is to imitating a set of behavioral questions. The psychologist usually sets the question in a unique manner. In fact, the scores come to the participant's result card through deep judgment. But, one thing we should note very carefully in our mind.

Actually, the question will contain an imaginary scenario. Here, the examiner will ask the participants to answer what they will do in that particular situation. In this way, the psychologist will judge the actual level of the emotional intelligence of a person. For instance, he may observe what the participant’s response will be when his friend has good news. 


What Is Emotional Quotient?


Well, emotional quotient is exactly an alternative name of emotional intelligence. Therefore, EQ expresses the same meaning of emotional stress. Here, we have stated the facts elaborately in the above lines. But, still, we can see the EQ in a slightly different way. Here, you can hold emotional intelligence as a theory, whereas an emotional quotient is a numerical expression of your EI. 

You know what; EQ score will show your efficacy of perceiving, analyzing, and controlling your emotions accurately. Besides, it will detect how comfortable you are in maintaining relationships with your social and professional surroundings. Actually, the numerical expression will make it more translucent for the leaders to justify their efficacy. 


Emotional Quotient (Emotional Intelligence) VS IQ


People often amass confusion while differentiating between EQ and IQ. But, we need to note in our mind that these two are really distinctive. You know what; the abbreviation of IQ is familiar as "Intelligence Quotient." Actually, it is the score of a person which presents the level of intelligence of a person. Besides, through IQ tests, we can measure the depth of the knowledge as well. 


Emotional Quotient (EQ)


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, IQ means the ratio of the relative intelligence of a particular person. Here, the intelligence level measures by comparing it with the age level. Therefore, the IQ test often comes based on the age group and determines the knowledge. In the old days, IQ was the benchmark to justify the efficacy of a person.  

On the other hand, emotional intelligence is entirely diverse from IQ. Here, the EQ means the level of the person in superintending his or her emotion. Besides, it indicates the efficacy of an individual to sense the situation and apply the emotion in superintended manner. You know what; emotional intelligence is an interchangeable term of emotional quotient. 

Having a high level of emotional intelligence, a person can deal with adverse situations effectively. Besides, he must comprehend what is emotional intelligence. You know what; EQ refers to the application and governance of emotion. Conversely, IQ is just the level of knowledge of a person. From several studies, we have traced that EQ can flourish the leadership skill within a person, whereas it is nearly impossible for IQ. 


Emotional Intelligence- Why It Can Matter More Than IQ


Through several studies, we observed that emotional intelligence could ennoble mental health. In this way, a person can comprehend and respond to other people's emotions. Therefore, they can remain interactive in their social and professional relationships. In fact, you can point to it as empathy. It is because; it assists a person to connect his or her observation and experience with those of other people. 

For years, we have been encountering the fact that popularization is taking a supreme place in world leadership. That is why; emotional intelligence can be a great attribute of a leader. Besides, the aptitude for expressing and superintending emotions is vastly exigent. Actually, we can be in that position what we cherish in mind by acquiring this intelligence within us.

On the other hand, IQ is just a determinant of knowledge. But, it cannot guarantee the success of a person. It means, with a high IQ, no one cannot provide surety that he or she can amass tremendous success. Here, the potentiality of emotional intelligence comes forward. In fact, many researchers claim that a person will be triumphant with high-level EQ. 

However, some critics state that IQ is relatively a narrow concept to measure human efficacy and potentiality. According to them, EQ can be a convenient tool for just those particular things. Oftentimes, we find high that a person with a high IQ is dull and futile. Conversely, EQ instigates the performing efficacy of a person, and he or she remains socially active as well. 

Moreover, EQ can flourish skills to deal with an awkward situation. Plus, a person may nurture social and personal communication craft because of it. For all of these reasons, EQ usually enjoys more importance in comparison with IQ. 




Finally, as an observant reader, you are now clear about what is emotional intelligence. You know what; experts have observed several scientific facts which drive our thought. In this case, EQ should play an influential role in superintending our emotions. Thus, we can be triumphant by achieving our goals in social and organizational surroundings.