Stress management in today's world

By Your Query Staff

Published on June 5, 2021
Updated on August 14, 2021

In these busy days, stress management becomes a keyword for a massive number of people. In fact, it is knocking the concern of the world to find effective measures to handle stress. Provided that we say in a word, stress is such an obvious fact to encounter us somehow. With greater success and workload, we bear more stress as a cost.

However, our intention and effort here are to edify your thought regarding proper management. Here, we will elaborately cast light on this topic. Let's hitch a ride towards the lines. 


What is Stress?

In short, stress is an uneven mental or physical condition that makes you feel frustrated, exhausted, anxious, or angry. Truly, it usually absorbs your liveliness.  


Definition of Stress

Firstly, let's have a glance at how medical theory holds stress. According to the medical context, stress is a physical and mental factor that drags emotion and causes tensions. Here, it can instigate flight or fight mode. In fact, this model is the multifaceted reaction of the neurologic system of the human being. Actually, an unstable condition of the mind is familiar with stress. 

However, we can explore the definition of stress through an expert's opinion. As stress has a direct relationship with psychology, let's see how the world's famous psychologists define this term. Here, we have sorted the two most thoughtful definitions for you. 

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) once stated, “Stress is the incapability to sustain in a superficial threat. The particular threat can be real or imaginary which comes as an emotional outcome through physiological reaction.”

On the other hand, we may enlist another definition from B.F. Skinner (1904-1990). He has defined stress in another form. Actually, he said, "Stress is an unspecified response which is a result of different types of physical and psychological stimuli." 

From these two famous person's definitions, stress seems to be clear to us. Definitely, it is an unfavorable mental condition. Besides, we may find its outcome through physical reaction. But, one thing is quite sure is that we must control our stress with proper efficacy. 


Stress Management


Stress Management

Now, we are up to elaborate on the stress management phase. Before going to other sections, we must have a clear idea of stress management. In fact, it is a process and strategy to relieve or reduce stress. Without any doubt, it is quite essential for all people. It is obvious that nowadays, people get little time for themselves. Heavy workload and obsession with success are making life dull and empty. 

On the other hand, as they are bearing huge stress, eventually, they are setting their welfare at stake. Consequently, stress inflicts havoc on their mental peace. Besides, it may devastate their physical condition as well.  In this process, it lessens the workability and liveliness of a person. Here, you may doubt dealing with stress. This stage may be termed as "Burning out"

Here, stress may have a devastating impact but relievable. With strategic and efficient management of stress, you can get yourself out of stress. Therefore, you can have a cheerier, healthier, and productive life span. In fact, you must set in mind that proper life span direct relies on the balance of work and relaxation.  You know what; accurate stress management will do that for you. 


Types of Stress Management

Now, a very serious issue is to open. Actually, you cannot rely on a single strategy to handle stress. It is because; stress has got variation. Here, you have to learn all the kinds of stress to deal with it. Otherwise, your efforts will appear meaningless. Therefore, we shed light on the variation of the stress to make the management process workable. 

However, several experts have differentiated stress management into four categories based on the reasons and impact of stress. Here, in the below lines, let's have a look at the types clearly. 


Types of Stress Management


Acute Stress Management:

First of all, we must cast light on the very short form of stress. You know what; it is familiar as acute stress. In our day-to-day life, we encountered enormous factors which make us tensed temporarily. In this case, acute stress management works to get relieved. 

Chronic Stress Management:

Everything is not short or temporary. In many cases, we have found people bearing stress from a long time back. Here, stress seems to be inexorable and never-ending. In fact, several studies stated that this type of stress is an outcome of a traumatic experience. That is why; chronic stress management has appeared to deal with it.

Episodic Acute Stress Management:

You know what; this stress management type is much tactical than others. It happens because of the uniqueness of the stress. Here, it will seem that this stress is a part of life and rampant. In fact, it makes life distressful. So, this management is relatively handy to reduce episodic acute stress. 

Physical Stress Management:

Here, this dealing process directly relates to physical condition. With a heavy workload and some other activities, our body gets tiredness and stress. Eventually, these things create additional pressure on the health condition. Therefore, physical stress management has become exigent imply. 

Workplace Stress Management

Most importantly, experts put the opinion that work is such the prime factor of getting stress. It is because; people have to attach with different pressure for the heavy task. Besides, a working person has to deal with some other critical conditions. For obvious reasons, they do not get much time to relax in that place. Therefore, tremendous internal and external factors make them feel distressed.

If lot of tasks are the stressor, time management would the first step in managing stress. 

However, a proper and flawless management process must appear to set this stress relieved. Based on the studies, we have found that most of the experts suggest people relax very often. What does it actually mean? Here, they advise making a proper working plan. Plus, the plan should have space to relax during working hours. 

On the other hand, people should have a love for what they do. Otherwise, the work will be a burden for them and cause stress. In the workplace, people should maintain a good relationship with colleagues. Besides, they should come in support of each other. In this way, an effective management process will set to deal with workplace stress. 

Does Meditation Reduce Stress?

Without any doubt, meditation can be a complementary tool to reduce stress. Since ancient times, meditation has to take a greater place in improving personal attributes and mental strength. Actually, it generates a positive vibe within a person. Consequently, they become capable mentally and physically of dealing with fretfulness, tension, and frustration. 

Many people have gone through extensive research on meditation and its effectiveness. You know what; all of them have put a positive opinion on it. Here, meditation has got huge power to make a person relieved from distress. 


Does Meditation Reduce Stress?


How Does Meditation Reduce Stress?

Most amazingly, the prime aspect of meditation is to make a profound state of relaxation and a peaceful mind. In the mediation session, a person puts all the focus on a single point. Besides, he or she eradicates all the jumbled thoughts from his mind. Through this process, the factors of creating stress get away or reduced. 

On the other hand, meditation has the power to improve health conditions. Various scientific experiments have proved that it can play a role like harmonized medicine. You know what; it brings out the inner power to fight against diseases. Thus, health gets better, and stress gets reduced. 

How to Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is relatively exigent for any person. It is because; stress can lead a person to mental and physical hazards. Here, you may have doubt about how to do it. But, the process is not actually that much tough. Actually, you have to add and maintain some core things in your daily life. The following lines will elaborate on those facts. 

Exercise Regularly:

First of all, you need to exercise regularly. Actually, it reduces stress by creating great health conditions. Besides, it lessens the stress dramatically. For this reason, you may do aerobic exercise, stretching, or yoga. All of these exercises will be much effective in reducing stress. 

Enjoy Your Food and Maintain Balance Diet:

You must enjoy your food. Besides, the food chart of yours will balance all the necessary nutrients. You know what; this food can be a cause of your cheerful mind. Plus, it assists in producing vital hormones, which are crucial in reducing stress. 

Stop Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption: 

Some people think tobacco and alcohol is a great tool to reduce stress. In fact, this concept is totally bogus and ruinous. Contrary, taking tobacco and alcohol can double the adverse condition of stress. You know what; the harmful ingredients of tobacco and alcohol can create health issues. Therefore, you must not take shelter from these things to handle stress. 

Make Time For Entertainment:

You must make time for entertainment. Actually, entertainment shifts your mind from a jumbled thought to a peaceful zone. Here, you can watch a movie, travel to new places, and take part in sports. Besides, reading books and some other activities can be a tremendous source of entertainment. 

How to Manage Stress?

In the previous section, we have a focus on reducing stress. But now, we will show you the ways of managing stress effectively. You know what; stress is an inevitable fact. Therefore, you must learn how to deal with it confidently. Let's see those ways given in the following lines. 

Take A Break:

While you are in the deep of stress, you should take a break. Besides, you may postpone all of your scheduled work. Now, a different activity should run for you to shift your focus. For example, you can have a little chit-chat with your colleagues or friends. 

Eradicate All the triggers of Stress:

Actually, stress does not get produced without any reason. If you espy carefully, you will find some triggers that instigate stress. In this situation, the prime task will be to enlist and eradicate all those triggers. 

Connect Yourself With Supportive People:

In managing stress, this thing is really exigent. From our life experience, we have seen that supportive people are benison for a person. In fact, these people can extend their support to us, which is indispensable to manage stress. So, you must connect with those people. 

Review Your Plan and Action:

Stress may come for several reasons. Suppose your plan is not working or your action is going wrong. Then, what will happen? Failure will come, and stress will occupy your mind. In this situation, you should review your plan and action to find whether any flaw exists. 


Finally, we must emphasize positive willingness for stress management. In fact, it is you who only can take the proper initiative to deal with stress. Here, you must put a note on your mind that stress can impact your health condition adversely. So, you must be dynamic to manage stress and keep liveliness. Hopefully, this article has cast light on your mind.