Training on Branding and Sales Techniques in a Competitive Market

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Published on May 4, 2023
Updated on May 20, 2024

SCITI is a government training institute continuously working for Human Capital Development for Small and Cottage Industries. As part of this development process SCITI is inviting applications for Training on “Branding and Sales Techniques in a Competitive Market”

Course title: Branding and Sales Techniques in a Competitive Market

Purpose of the Course: In the age of globalization, increasing the identity of any brand in the market to compete with the competitors.

Training Content/Subject Area:

Brand’s Importance,
Brand Positioning,
Brand Equity, Brand Image,
Global branding product or service demand assessment, demand and sales forecasting,
Product quality development strategies, pricing methods, distribution methods,
Various strategies for promoting and disseminating products or services,
Selection of the right media, strengths and weaknesses of marketing management,
Market research, data analysis, market survey and review, marketing aspects of project analysis and evaluation,
Preparation of proper marketing plan of the product etc.

Certificate: After successful completion of the training, certificate will be awarded

Benefits: Learning how to select and establish a brand

Course duration: May 18-23, 2024

Application deadline and Registration: May 18, 2024

Minimum Qualification: Not mentioned

Course fee: BDT 1000 (Physical presence)  
                      BDT 500 (Online)                 

Interested candidates are requested to fill up applications from website or directly.

For further details see the Official Website or the published circular:


Training on Branding and Sales Techniques in a Competitive Market

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