Online course in Bangladesh on Export Marketing

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Published on October 29, 2020
Updated on November 7, 2023

SCITI is relentlessly  working for Human Capital Development for human resource of Small and Cottage Industries. As part of this change process SCITI is inviting applications for Training on different topic or subject area. 

Training Title: Export Marketing

It’s necessary to know the ways of selling products or providing services to a foreign country for successful export marketing. SCITI is providing the opportunities to enrich the knowledge of producing or distributing products from our country to buyers in international locations.

Purpose of the Course:

Skill development of export marketing personnel.  Above all success of small cottage industries of the country to meet the challenges of 21th century, this course has been designed.

Training Content/Subject Area:

The context of free market economy, pricing of exportable products in the world market, international communication and product entry strategy in the world market, rules and regulations of international banking, custom expert documentation, government-provided opportunities for export of goods, rules and regulations related to LC, etc.


After successful completion of the training, certificate will be awarded

Benefits: Learning how to set export marketing plan and improve sales

Course duration: November 12 - November 16 ,2023

Application deadline and Registration: November 12 ,2023 (until 9:30 am)

Minimum Qualification: Details in google form link( Call in the contact number mentioned in the circular below) 

Course fee: Tk. 1530/-(Physical presence)  

                      Tk. 1020/-(Online)                 

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For further details see the circular from Official Source


Online course in Bangladesh on Export Marketing


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